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Music Remedy


Sheet Music Collections to Restore and Revitalize
By Gaili Schoen

The Music Remedy is a collection of beautiful, melodic songs and pieces for intermediate Piano/Guitar/Vocals that use the healing power of music to help restore your emotional balance.


Because playing music can be the best medicine.


The Music Remedy books begin with pieces that align with a troubling emotion. Playing pieces that resonate with your emotional state can help you clear a path toward healing and growth. It is widely known that listening to and playing music is deeply therapeutic, and more often than not, we musicians have the power to take our emotions into our own hands and literally play our blues away. As you progress through each book, the music seeks to gradually shift your perspective, guiding you to a more balanced outlook; an emotional state that can enable you to imagine and create a brighter future filled with renewed possibilities.


The Music Remedy: No. 1

12 Passionate Pieces to Move You from Loss to Love


The Music Remedy: No. 2

12 Passionate Pieces to Move You from Anxiety to Calm


The Music Remedy: No. 3 

12 Passionate Pieces to Move You from Discouraged to Hopeful


Just as you keep pain relievers in your medicine cabinet, collect The Music Remedy series to help you move through the painful experiences of living.

Please Note:

If you have serious mental health issues, please consult a medical professional.

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